Success stories

“When we came in for a vision screening, we were actually relieved to find out that Levi had poor eye teaming skills. We had done two different eye exams showing no issues, been talked to about ADHD, dyslexia, as well as a few other theories. We were not comfortable with medicating him as a first option and are thankful that we had the option of vision therapy. The honest truth is that there is a lot of time, energy, and money that goes into the program, but we have found the investment to be incredibly worthwhile. Dr. Wonderling, Shannon, Jen, and Nancy are all incredible people to work with and we have been impressed with our overall experience at Vision Therapy Academy. Levi has shown significant improvement across the board and we are confident that we are equipped to help him continue his progress beyond the program. Dr. Wonderling once told me, “It’s not just Levi who is in vision therapy; it’s the whole family.” This is 100% accurate. This has been a commitment by our whole family for Levi to get the help he needs, but i can say that it has been worth it and we are all so proud to see him completed the program with great success.”

-Levi’s parents