Success stories

“We are blown away at how far Gibson has come in such a short time. He is reading with more confidence than before and able to sound out words and put them together. Because he’s able to sound out words and put them together his spelling test have improved as well. We are so grateful and thankful we found vision therapy when we did. He is young for his age and as a boy I feel they are a little farther behind and his age didn’t help. We had talked about holding him back a year because of his struggles, but thanks to vision therapy we no longer need to. He is right where he should be.”
-Gibson’s parents

“Now reading is a lot easier. Ms Jennifer is awesome.”
-Brayton, age 8

“Our son loved to be read to but always struggled to repeat simple words. School started for him and COVID hit. He missed all of pre-k and most of kindergarten. We really struggled at home, getting very frustrated as parents, what were we doing wrong? Why didn’t our son recognize the word “the” and couldn’t pick it up when it was on every page. Got a vision test from and eye doctor = 20/20 vision. Asked his doctor and were told to have him evaluated for ADHD for his focus issues. He still struggled to read and was far below the level expected for first grade. People told me, just be patient, boys take longer to read. I tried, but he just fell farther behind in school. After conferences and hearing he was going further backwards not being able to read his math questions my gut instincts took over. I had heard of Vision Therapy Academy from my hair stylist as her son had attended. We took the leap and had him evaluated. I cried when I saw the initial evaluation process and saw what my son was really “seeing” and how hard he was trying, but his eyes weren’t working together.

We made the commitment and started the therapy. Jennifer made things very clear and even with our son not being very willing- we working through the therapy at home and in the office. Today, 35 weeks later, he graduates and is successfully reading on his own. As a parent, we always want to see our children succeed and I was so lost not being able to teach him to read. Without Vision Therapy Academy we would still be fighting with him. Watching his success now and him helping his sister sound out words is beyond amazing from where we started. Thank you Vision Therapy Academy from the bottom of our hearts, swelling with pride over how far he’s come.”
-The Olsons

“Wow! What can I say? I was losing hope that my daughter would be at grade level ever, or read! The fight to do school work was exhausting, and a nightly thing. Thanks to the Vision Therapy Academy and hours spent with my child, fighting became less and less. She scored 3 right on her spelling test and actually reads! I can not express my gratitude and shock at how amazing and beneficial this therapy has been! I am going to miss weekly trips, but I can’t wait to see how she progresses! Thank you all.”
-Mother of Skylar

“Thank you for all the help with making my eyes and brain work together. I will miss you.”
-Skylar, age 9

“Had I been aware that there was such a thing as vision therapy I would have had Alex start a lot sooner. Alex has struggled with reading since starting school. Alex was diagnosed with Dyslexia in second grade. This diagnosis allowed him to get extra help with reading. I feel like if he would have went through vision therapy at this time he would be further ahead. Since starting vision therapy Alex has much fewer headaches and complaints of eye fatigue. I feel that his fluency and speed have also improved with reading. I am excited to see the changes this year since finishing his therapy sessions.
-Parents of Alex

“I would get headaches a lot, but now I don’t. I have more accuracy in sports.”
-Alex, age 13

“Vision therapy was hard but I am glad my eyes got better. I will miss working with Miss Kendra”
-Ellen, age 7

“Midway through first grade, Ellen began to fatigue quickly when in reading groups and frequently complained of headaches. Our family has had success with vision therapy in the past, so we knew it was Ellen’s turn! Ellen was excited to start vision therapy and Kendra made every session so much fun! At graduation, Ellen was so sad, because she didn’t want to stop coming to vision therapy. Thank you to the vision therapy staff and Dr. Wonderling for helping Ellen’s visual system, so she has a better future. Vision Therapy Academy embraces their mission and truly makes a difference for better vision, better future!
Ellen, remember to use your flipper!”
-Parent’s of Ellen

“I improved on catching and throwing in football, baseball, and basketball. I also improved on reading at school. I also improved shooting at basketball practice.”
-Brek, age 10

“Vision therapy has helped me so much in the last three years. I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t start going. My tracking and eye teaming was so bad before I started going to Vision Therapy. I was seeing double as a kid and didn’t even know, but the last three years I have improved so much. I can see clearly and don’t get as many headaches as I did before. It has taken me a lot of time and a lot of effort into all of the activities and training throughout the years. My experience has been so great, everyone is so nice and funny. I have made so many memories with everyone. I know that I have come a long way and I’m sad to end this experience and journey. I want to thank Vision Therapy Academy and everyone who worked with me these past three years. I appreciate everything you guys did and I couldn’t be happier to graduate from vision therapy.”
-Makayla, age 16

“Kit has grown tremendously in reading ability since starting vision therapy. She used to avoid reading text or print of any kind. Now she loves to point out words she knows and show off her ability to read words that her brothers cannot read. The biggest difference I’ve noticed is her confidence. She now takes chances reading aloud instead of being afraid to get words wrong. I’m looking forward to see how her comprehension comes along during the school year now that she is processing letters and words so much more quickly! Thank you to the wonderful staff at Vision Therapy Academy.”
-Kit’s parents

“I love vision therapy. It is really fun. It helps me read a lot. I am really thankful for Miss. Jennifer and Dr. Wonderling and Nancy. I really like reading, it is fun. I didn’t like reading until I went to vision therapy. Vision Therapy helped me a lot. I think I will do really good in school. I will probably do reading for the rest of my life.”
-Kit, age 8

“This place has helped me with my homework and to read faster.”
-Ezra, age 9

“Ezra’s teacher referred us to Dr. Wonderling because she noticed him covering his eye to read or do homework. He also had poor penmanship. After Ezra’s evaluation we learned that he had double vision and had trouble with tracking. The staff at Vision Therapy Academy is wonderful! Ezra no longer has double vision or trouble with tracking. He is so much more confident now that he can see better! He even likes to join in on sports when before he never did. This has been life changing.”
-Ezra’s parents

“We made it through! What a ride these past 6 months have been! I am very proud of Jace for working hard (when he wasn’t arguing with me about doing it). He has come so far- he was behind in reading and I have noticed such a difference- he can pick up a book and pretty much just read it! And he came so far throughout the program- from way below in testing at the beginning to way above when re-tested! All of the staff are wonderful and want Jace to succeed! I will highly recommend Vision Therapy Academy to anyone and everyone! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
-Jace’s parents

“Reading is more fun. I’m able to read better. My eyes are able to focus.”
-Jace, age 9

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