Success stories

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“Before I started vision therapy, I was going cross eyed when I was reading and writing. Now after doing vision therapy I have gotten better and my eyes don’t cross anymore. I now feel like I can see better far away! And close up! Thank you Dr. Wonderling, Miss Kendra, Miss Sandy and Nancy.”
Mere, age 7

“At age 3, Meredith was diagnosed with an astigmatism. We saw a specialist every year and she eventually had glasses prescribed. After she started school, her teachers noticed that she was struggling to stay focused and engaged and suggested we talk to her primary car doctor about it. Her doctor suggested we start VT.

When we met Dr. Wonderling and her team, we knew right away that we were in great hands to get our girl to where she needed to be! It has been amazing as a parent to watch the transformation that Meredith has gone through. My favorite memory is when Mere started reading road signs in the car as we drove. She hadn’t done that before and we didn’t realize that she couldn’t read them properly!

We are so grateful for Dr. Wonderling, Miss Kendra, Miss Sandy, Nancy and the entire team at the Vision Therapy Academy for all of their hard work and dedication! Thank you!”
-Parents of Mere

July 2022

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“Vision Therapy has been a blessing for Kendall. School has always been hard for her and a friend of mine had a son go through the program, so he recommended Kendall get an evaluation. That first evaluation was heart breaking, yet so wonderful because we knew after the years of occupational therapy, reading tutoring, we finally knew why reading and school was so hard for her. As a parent there is nothing worse than seeing your child struggling. Dr. Wonderling was fantastic during this evaluation and was very thorough and sure that this program could do wonders for Kendall and it did! We knew it was going to be a lot of hard work and dedication to driving in weekly as well as doing the exercises 5 days a week at home. We were not sure how Kendall was going to do with it but after the first couple weeks and having an amazing experience with Candace, Kendall could see that this was going to be life changing for her. Our program was 35 weeks and Kendall was very determined the entire time and always look forward to seeing Candace and seeing how she improved over the weeks. The multiple progress evaluations were wonderful as well. Dr. Wonderling is AMAZING! You can tell she loves her job and loves helping every single patient. Vision Therapy is a commitment for the entire family but worth every single second and dollar. Kendall’s reading has greatly improved, her school work has gotten better, her penmanship has improved and most importantly, her confidence. My husband and I can not thank Vision Therapy enough! You have changed our daughters life way more than she will know. She can see and do things now that were so hard for her before. Thank you!!”
-Rex and Laura Stephenson (June 2022)

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“I began Vision Therapy in March 2022, and my main goal was to improve my vision for baseball and other sports, make it more fun to read, and other homework. I noticed my vision improving right away after starting. My performance in baseball improved a lot as well, on offense and defense. I find it easier to read and more fun and I have started reading for pleasure. Over all, this was a great experience and I have gained a lot from my journey.”
-Curtis (May 2022)

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“In 1st grade we noticed that reading wasn’t clicking for Katherine as we thought it should. Halfway through 1st grade COVID hit and she ended up in Virtual Learning for the remainder of 1st grade and the majority of 2nd grade. We were able to get her extra help and worked with her teacher to do additional reading and phonics work at home but nothing really helped. I shared my concerns with a friend who mentioned Vision Therapy. The more research we did, we quickly realized we knew a number of individuals that went through Vision Therapy and EVERY person said it was life changing. We booked an appointment with Dr Wonderling and she quickly made her recommendations.
Through initial testing we learned that Katherine was below her age level in many aspects of vision and reading. We felt awful knowing that no matter how hard she tried and no matter what we did, we didn’t have the knowledge or tools to help her succeed. Katherine started VT in September of 2021 and graduated 7 sessions early in April 2022.
Vision Therapy is not easy, it is expensive, and it is a huge time commitment for the entire family. There were also many struggles along the way but we just reminded ourselves that reading is a basic fundamental skill she will need for the rest of her life in every aspect. We simply had to keep pushing through. Not only did Vision Therapy teach her how to read, it has changed her life. She no longer gets car sick, is consistent with hitting a softball, shooting a gun, playing basketball and her test scores in school have improved tremendously. The most remarkable change we have noticed is her confidence level; her teacher was so impressed with her improvements that she sent us an email just to let us know that, “Katherine volunteers to read in front of her peers every single time there is an opportunity.”
-Katherine’s parents

“Vision Therapy was hard, but I learned that if I worked hard I could do it. I was the one who had to do the work but that means I am the one who gets the reward. I like to read now and school is easier. It has helped me with my other subjects in school too. I also can concentrate in class; if others are talking I can keep focusing on what I’m working on.”
-Katherine (May 2022)

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“Since Ingrid was in preschool she would come home with the most exhausted looking eyes (as if she had worked a 12 hour shift), and would frequently rub them until they appeared very pink. Dr. Wonderling explained that because her eyes weren’t working together she had to work overtime to “keep” up in school. Until her diagnosis of convergence insufficiency, I was baffled as to why she could read a word without trouble on one line and then it look like foreign text on the next line. We found out she would sometimes have double vision, bouts of one eye shutting off and issues with tracking. Her reading comprehension was poor as well. We are beyond blessed to have found the Vision Therapy Academy to diagnose her. No doctor or optometrist would. Ingrid had 20/20 vision. The team at Vision Therapy Academy has set Ingrid up for tremendous present and future success in a world where she would have otherwise struggled to succeed. In school, she is confident in her reading and doesn’t give up or become frustrated now. She frequently gets 100% on her spelling tests, has upgraded to a better reading group and her overall spirit and behavior is more positive. At home she will even challenge herself with chapter books and longer/harder words with zero fear. I didn’t think that only after 6 months I would be describing Ingrid in this manner. It feels like a miracle. It was hard work, but the ticket rewards and wonderful therapists kept Ingrid motivated and wanting to come back. It was another family’s testimonial on Facebook that led me to Vision Therapy Academy, and I pray this one helps out at least one other family too.”
-Ingrid’s Mother

“Vision Therapy has helped me read better. I am a more confident and happy person.”
-Ingrid (May 2022)

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“Before vision therapy, Nikoli had issues with reading, math and general school work. Letters and numbers would move or look backwards. Fatigue was common after just a few minutes of homework. After vision therapy he is now excited to read books, learning is becoming fun and sports are becoming easier. Improving eye teaming and tracking has been huge for Nikoli.” -Nikoli’s Mom (April 2022)




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“Our family has had three generations of vision therapy graduates! As a teacher, I taught Jillian the foundations of reading and how to read. However, when we would sit down to read she showed two responses. Some days she couldn’t get enough reading and others it was a struggle to get her to read a sentence. During her annual eye exam, Dr. Wonderling and I discussed vision therapy to train her visual system to work more efficiently. Jillian had difficulty with her eyes teaming together, but it wasn’t consistent. Sometimes her eyes would team well together, but other times they would cross too much. This explains the inconsistencies of whether or not she wanted to read together. Sandy and Jennifer made vision therapy sessions so fun! Jillian was excited to go, and mentioned, “I never want to graduate, because it’s so fun here!” Now Jillian’s visual system is more efficient and consistent. She enjoys reading!”
-Jillian’s Parents

” Hi my name is Jillian. And ever since I went to vision therapy my eyes are getting better!! The first day I was there, I was scared! My eyes were not teaming together, so my reading was not good! But now my reading is good!!!! Thank you so much!
-Jillian (April 2022)

“Grady was always getting migraines and I noticed he was blinking all the time. It was because his eyes would get tired and wouldn’t focus when they needed to. He had such a hard time with reading longer than 10 minutes at a time. After having eye therapy, we have noticed he doesn’t blink or get headaches nearly as much. All of his grades have went up! It’s been such a blessing to see him enjoy school now!”
-Grady’s Parents
“I can read a lot better. I can shoot better. I can see small things from far away now. I don’t blink as much and it helped a lot of the headaches go away.”
-Grady (age 9)
April 2022



“We have noticed an improvement in Caleb’s ability to recognize the alphabet and read at grade level, which has led to increased confidence in his abilities. At school, Caleb’s teacher has mentioned to us that there has been a noticeable improvement in his reading abilities as well. While reading, he doesn’t get frustrated and his attention span and ability to focus have improved.”
-Caleb’s parents
“The program helped me to learn to read better and do well in school. I struggled with reading and understanding words. I also struggled with the alphabet and now I know all of the letters.”
-Caleb (age 6)
March 2022