Success stories

” After at least three optometry appointments in about 18 months, Dr. Puls identified Tenley’s problems with double vision. We were relieved to finally have an explanation for all of her headaches at school and increasing avoidance of reading books that were on her grade level. We have been so pleased with the progress Tenley made during her six months in vision therapy. We were so happy for her over the summer when she met her goal of reading a book with more than 100 pages. Then when school started in Fall of 2021, she developed more confidence as she realized she could see the board and read even harder books, all without getting headaches and having her eyes hurt. We have had a great experience and we can’t wait to see what Tenley does next!”

-Tenley’s Parents

“Before I started vision therapy my eyes did not want to read, so I did not want to read. I am so happy that I love to read now. I always want to read. During the summer I read a two hundred page book. It is also easy to do math and play the piano. Thank you everyone at vision therapy”

-Tenley (age 9)